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October 12, 2017
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October 12, 2017

Veer Pack Industries offers a huge range of food boxes. Some of our fast moving products are White Pizza Boxes, Brown Pizza Box, Printed Pizza Box and Food Packing Box.

We offer a variety of food boxes developed by our experts to withstand various conditions. These products are made as per highest industry standards for quality and shelf-life.

We are also known for providing a broad range of printed pizza boxes as per our client requirement. The quality of the product and affordability for bulk quantities makes it a desirable product.

Other than pizza boxes, we provide food packaging boxes. This product is available in diverse specification depending on the requirement.

Benefits include:

  • Good quality
  • Nominal price
  • Made from food-safe material
  • Available in custom design
  • Bespoke option available
  • Branding options available

White Pizza Boxes

We provide plain white pizza boxes as per the dimension requirement.

Brown Pizza Boxes

We provide plain brown pizza boxes as per the dimension requirement.

Printed Pizza Box

We provide branding options on our pizza boxes as per the clients’ requirements in any form of customization.

Food Packing Box

Backed by our affluent industry acquaintance, we present a comprehensive series of Food Packing Box. This product is available in diverse specifications that meet on client’s demand.

We offer corrugated packaging solutions; mono cartons, foil board cartons, and cosmetic cartons for your perfume & cosmetics products.

Food Tray Boxes

Delivery of food is never complete without packaging. We deliver the best food tray boxes for preserving the food from the kitchen till it reaches the customer doorstep.

Ice Cream Boxes

Ice cream boxes are specially designed to withhold liquid, in case the ice cream melts. We deliver quality ice cream boxes to serve the purpose.

Cake Boxes

We provide cake boxes which have a strong bottom and are laminated from inside to preserve the box from the contents within. We assure a long life for our cake boxes.

Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate boxes are our specialty product which we develop depending on the type of chocolates which goes in. We can highly custom the boxes as per your requirement and brand them as well.