Custom Boxes

Beverage Box
October 13, 2017
Rigid Boxes
October 12, 2017

Veer Pack Industries’ utmost specialized product is the custom boxing solution. We have been delivering custom boxes to our clients since our inception. We pride to say that we are one of the few companies in the market which provides bespoke custom boxes as per the client’s requirement.

We work with lab-tested material for sturdiness and highest quality of the product so as to maintain the industry standards. Our products are tested for strength and only then dispatched to the client.

All our boxes are made from eco-friendly materials making it easy to dispose once the purpose is served.

Custom boxes are always in high demand due to the need for uniqueness in the market. We have proved time and again that we rule the market with our custom boxes as we understand our clients’ requirement and deliver them with a unique product they ask for along with a unique Veer Pack experience.

Custom Boxes

4 Corner Glued Tray
Pizza Style Box
R.E.T. – (Roll End Tray)
Econo R.E.T.T. – (Econo Roll End Tuck Top)
R.E.T.T. w/ Dust Flaps – (Roll End Tuck Top with Dust Flaps)
R.E.T.T. – (Roll End Tuck Top)
R.E.L.F. – (Roll End Lock Front)
5 P.W. – (5 Panel Wrap)
Telescope Tray – (Side Slotted Tray)
H.S.C. – (Half Slotted Container)

Machine Formed Trays

Machine Formed Trays
Tray formed BTB Style
Tray formed MUB Style
Trapped Receptacle Tray

Regular Slotted Containers with Die Cut Features

L-Lock Top / D-Lock Bottom
Regular Slotted Containers with Vent Holes
L-Lock Top / Turkey Lock Bottom
Regular Slotted Container Top / Snap Lock Bottom